"There are people everywhere who form aFourth World, or adiaspora of their own. They are thelordly ones! They come in allcolors. They can beChristians orHindus orMuslims orJews orpagans oratheists. They can beyoung orold,men orwomen,soldiers orpacifists,rich orpoor. They may bepatriots, but they are never chauvinists. They share with each other, across all the nations, common values of humor and understanding. When you are among them you know you willnot be mocked or resented, because they willnot care about yourrace, yourfaith, yoursex or yournationality, and they suffer fools if not gladly, at least sympathetically.They laugh easily. They are easily grateful. They arenever mean. They arenot inhibited byfashion, public opinion, or political correctness. They areexiles in their own communities, because they are always in a minority, but theyform a mighty nation, if they only knew it.It is the nation of nowhere."

Jan Morris, Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere


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