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Manu Ignatius
I am an engineer by profession and a photographer by passion. I love to build stuff and when I am not building, I love to click.

Currently I work for Subnero, a Singapore based startup that specialises in underwater communications and networking solutions. At Subnero, we develop underwater communications, navigation and monitoring & sensing systems along with commercialising the technology developed at Acoustic Research Laboratory (ARL), National University of Singapore, of which I was part of.

When I am not thinking about underwater networks, I do take up freelance photography and videography assignments, in and around Singapore. I mainly concentrate on family and event assignments and sometimes do travel photography projects. You can find my portfolio here.

I am also a passionate 'electronic' gamer and naturally have interests in computer graphics, graphics processors, graphics designing etc. Some of my other interests are scuba diving, traveling, painting, scale modeling etc.

contact: manu (at) thedragonflypage (dot) com